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Rowan LOVES a free-for-all!

Valentine Novelty Night at RAH - 02.08.18


A love letter written in chocolate ink with free flowers, teddy bears, and more at Rowan After Hours' Valentine celebration .



Chocolate Covered


2D Crystal


DIY Mugs

Watch the first-person POV Snap Story!

Saint Valentine was a secret priest marrying young people beneath the laws imposed by the emperor. This might be why even his holiday is known for sneaking up on us. Lucky for all those late-gift-bloomers, Rowan After Hours helped students get in the mood for Valentine's Day.
Rowan After Hours, popularized as RAH, hosts free events every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in the Chamberlain Student Center. For Rowan students, it's all for free.
Valentine Novelty Night has been an annual event for the last half-decade, says RAH Graduate Coordinator Tom Marsella.
"People come out and enjoy, get some gifts for their significant other or themselves if they so choose," he said.
RAH designs their events with this in mind, which is why they feature flower bouquets, crystal keychains, teddy bears, and chocolate covered pretzels.
Other RAH novelty nights include Mardi Gras themed basketball, Winter Bingo and a Halloween themed event.
But Marsella says they "also like to do a lot of performances like musicians, comedians...a variety of things."

Tom Marsella, RAH Graduate Coordinator with Chamberlain Student Center & Campus Activities.

As for Valentine's Day, Marsella doesn't plan on taking home any novelties himself. But he'll buy his own gifts elsewhere and "take [his] girlfriend out to a nice dinner."


I made several tweets before and during the night as seen embedded in this article. This included a response from a fellow Rowan student and a follow from @RowanSCCA. I also sent the link to many Rowan student peers who told me they enjoyed the immersion of this article.

I am also in the process of sending this article to those who were featured within it.

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