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Flower Frenzy!

Valentine Novelty Night at RAH

We could choose from an assortment of radiant flower colors to create our own bouquet.
RAH Staff member Rachel Young helped us amateur florists with our selections.
She recommended adding greens and Baby's Breath to cradle the other flowers. 

Flower wrapping and choice of bow color courtesy of RAH staff! 

Rachel Young, RAH Staff member,

helped each student fine-tune the shape and size of their bouquets.

Christina Costante poses with a 

pocket full of posies. 

Take your pick!

After we've bunched our buds, another RAH staffer tied the knot on our bouquet!
Some kept their flowers while others saved them for significant others. I gave them to my mom and now they're brightening up the kitchen!
Rowan student Melvin Sheppard made a point to pick pink for his mom. Not only is it her favorite color, but he says "she's also a breast cancer survivor."
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