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Judging by a line that covered the stairwell for much of the night, many Rowan students came specifically to build a bear.
"I come to this every year," said Rowan student Jennifer Fagan, who was looking forward to making a teddy bear for her boyfriend back at home. 

Friends Leon Purvis and Jennifer Fagan

smile with their Valentine gifts.

Rowan student Somer Knisely came to knock out gifts for both herself and her boyfriend. But her friend, Kelsey Daisey, made it clear that she came because she "just wanted the teddy bear."

Kelsey Daisey, Caliope Janulis, Somer Knisely and Bridgette Noel Lair were first in line waiting for RAH to open the curtain on Valentine Novelty Night.

Stuffed with Love!

Valentine Novelty Night at RAH

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