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For Love (or lack) of Leisure

How college students handle free time

Matteo Iadonisi, Taylor Witts | March 26, 2018

Sports. Gaming. Exercise. Homework.

These are some of the many ways college students express themselves during their time away from class. Only second to sleeping, leisure occupies most of a student's daily schedule, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Leisure is an important part of the day. There's no question that an overload of schoolwork can take a toll on a student's mental health.


"I am definitely more easy to get, like, agitated," says Cody Bowen, 22, a psychology major at Rowan University. "I get more stressed. I probably eat a lot more than I do with all my free time."

Sarah Pollock, 19, also a psychology major, laughs while admitting, "I'll have my moments where I, you know, break down a little."

Students share similar struggles, and plenty provide advice for one another.


The subject of 'free time' becomes increasingly difficult to think about when considering life as a professional. In our video below, college students not only reveal their passions, but also how they are coping with the reality of parting with their precious time. 

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